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GS1 Outer packaging guide
The EAN/UPC symbol
The EAN/UPC symbol consists of the symbols EAN‐8, UPC‐A (USA and Canada) and EAN‐
13. The EAN‐13 symbol is used for suppliers who are required to label a package with a
GTIN‐13 barcode. Use of the EAN‐13 symbol is recommended for all packaging levels, i.e.
F‐pack, D‐pack and T‐pack. Very small products (F‐pack) are numbered with GTIN‐8 and
barcode labelled with the EAN‐8 symbol.
The EAN‐13 symbol with GTIN‐13
The ITF‐14 symbol
The ITF symbol may only be used on M‐packs, D‐packs and T‐packs (outer packaging).
The ITF symbol is normally used in circumstances where the EAN/UPC symbol does
not give adequate readability. This may be the case if the surface is uneven, for example
on corrugated cardboard. Note that the ITF symbol contains 14 digits. A zero ('0') must
therefore be added in front of the GTIN‐13 number if the package is to be barcoded
with an ITF‐14 symbol.
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