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The GS1‐128 symbol
The GS1‐128 symbol allows for the inclusion of several types of information in one and
the same barcode.
Quality of the barcode symbols
It is mandatory for the barcode symbols used in the HVAC and plumbing industry
(EAN/UPC, ITF and GS1‐128) to satisfy a minimum print quality of Grade C, as required
by the ISO/IEC 15416 standard. The barcode must be readable at all stages of the value
chain throughout the product's life, i.e. for as long as the product is for sale.
Identification of transport units (packages)
In the HVAC and plumbing industry transport units (packages) are identified using
SSCC codes (Serial Shipping Container Codes). SSCC is a global numbering system that
ensures unique identification of transport units. SSCC has a fixed length of 18 digits.
SSCC codes are barcode labelled with GS1‐128.
Each individual transport unit shall have its own unique SSCC code. The SSCC code is
used by the carriers in Norway for unique identification of goods. See more about
transport labelling in Section 4.
3. Product labelling of standard HVAC and plumbing supplies
Labelling with NRF numbers in plain text and GTIN in plain text and barcode
F‐packs shall have an NRF number and GTIN. This applies to all products. It means that
the product must be allocated an NRF number and GTIN even if it is impracticable to
physically label the product with these numbers.
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