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This document defines the standard for uniform identification and labelling of
packaging levels identified as 'F'‐pack (consumer unit), 'M'‐pack (wholesale unit), 'D'‐
pack (trading unit) and 'T'‐pack (transport unit/pallet) in the HVAC and plumbing
industry in Norway. Certain product groups have both M‐packs and D‐packs, while
others only have D‐packs. Not all product groups have all packaging levels. Some may
only have an F‐pack and a T‐pack, while for other products the F‐pack and the T‐pack
may consist of the same unit.
The aim of the document is to create the basis for an efficient flow of products and
information along the value chain for HVAC and plumbing supplies. This will simplify
product identification in the information flow, labelling by the manufacturer/supplier,
shipping by the forwarding agent/carrier and goods reception by the wholesaler,
shop/warehouse, craftsman or construction site.
The labelling concept described in this document can only be implemented in the HVAC
upplies industry if procedures are in place for exchanging all necessary
een the participants in the value chain. NRF's own product database
will be used to make the basic data available within the industry.
this document that the packaging levels F‐pack, M‐pack, D‐pack and T‐
pack will be defined for all products. F‐pack denotes a unit that the consumer
purchases from a HVAC or plumber's shop, or from a tradesman or contractor. M‐pack
will in many cases be the smallest saleable unit from the supplier. D‐pack and T‐pack
are described as outer packaging. These are logistic units, used for shipment along the
value chain.
Every effort shall be made to see that F‐packs are identified with an NRF number, a
GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and preferably also the the manufacturer/supplier's
own product number. NRF numbers are marked in plain text and the GTIN is marked in
plain text and with a barcode. The lowest packaging level, the F‐pack, is identified with
the industry's NRF number. This number is the recommended identifier for the product
in daily dealings between participants in the value chain. The GTIN will be used for
identification at packaging levels higher than F‐pack.
The individual packaging levels are identified by GTIN. It is essential that specific GTINs
and barcodes are allocated to product packages according to established rules. This
document provides a more detailed description of how a GTIN is built up and the rules
for changing a GTIN. The document also recommends how the various packaging levels
should be labelled. The labelling concept covers both product information and transport
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