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Bar code labelling of T‐packs with the GS1‐128 symbol
The table below shows examples of different kinds of information and the use of
AIs for labelling product information on T‐packs using the GS1‐128 symbol:
Please note the following in particular:
• The scale shown is in the range 50–94% of normal size.
• The minimum height of the barcode is 32 mm.
• When labelling with a GTIN (AI01 and AI02), 14 digits shall always be used.
When a GTIN has 13 digits, a '0' must precede the number (e.g. 07038010000065).
• When GS1–128 is used for barcode labelling, a delimiter, known as Function Code 1
(FNC1), is entered between the individual groups of information. This applies except in
the case of AIs with a pre‐defined fixed length. The following AIs used in this document
have a pre‐defined fixed length: AI00, AI01, AI02 and AI15. It is recommended that AIs
to be followed by FNC1 be placed at the end of the barcode row, as the FNC1 code can
then be omitted.
It is important that the requirements for clear margins are adhered to. When the scale
is 50%, the clear margins to right and left are 5 mm, and when the scale is 94%, the
clear margins are 9.4 mm.
Overview of labelling transport units with the GS1‐128 symbol
For further information, see Section 4 Labelling with transport information.
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