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2. General points about identification and barcode labelling
Identification of products ‐ F‐pack, M‐pack, D‐pack and T‐pack
In the HVAC and plumbing industry products are identified by NRF number in plain
text, and by GTIN in barcode and plain text form.
The NRF number is the Norwegian HVAC an
stry's own 7‐digit
numbering system for identifying products.
der NRF numbers for their
products and register the associated data on
GTIN is a global numbering system that ensu
tification of products.
GTIN can have up to 14 digits. All packaging levels: F‐pack, M‐pack, D‐pack and T‐pack
shall have unique GTINs. GTINs come in the following variants:
Used for small products (F‐pack)
GTIN 12 Used in the USA and Canada (F‐pack, M‐pack, D‐pack and T‐pack)
GTIN 13 Used for F‐pack, M‐pack, D‐pack and T‐pack
GTIN 14 Used for M‐pack, D‐pack and T‐pack. Not used for F‐pack.
Examples of barcodes:
Participants who receive and sell products from suppliers in the HVAC and plumbing
industry, both nationally and internationally, must be able to handle NRF numbers and
all types of GTIN.
The NRF number identifies the product. The GTINs identify the packages, which are
converted (corresponding) to a quantity x of the product (NRF number).
GTIN‐13, GTIN‐12 or GTIN‐8 are used for F‐packs. GTIN‐13 is most common and is
preferred in the HVAC and plumbing industry. All types of GTIN may be used for M‐
pack, D‐pack and T‐pack (outer packaging), i.e. GTIN‐14, GTIN‐13, GTIN‐12 or GTIN‐8
(unusual). GTIN‐13 and GTIN‐14 are most common for outer packaging.
It is recommended that when numbering and labelling their products, suppliers should
use GTIN‐13, plus an NRF number. This applies to all packaging levels, i.e. F‐pack, M‐
pack, D‐pack and T‐pack.
For more detailed information on the composition and structure of GTINs and labelling,
see: •
GS1 Guide to numbering and labelling with GTIN
GS1 Outer packaging guide
These documents can be obtained by contacting GS1 No
can be
downloaded electronically from GS1 Norway's website:
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,...25
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